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Iiro Laitinen

tel: +358 (0)45 259 3030
e-mail: iiro(at)

Hailing from Tampere, Finland, Amendfoil is one of the brightest hopes of current Finnish metal scene. Incorporating extreme technical skills and and a unique vision á la Strapping Young Lad, right-in-your-face attitude of Pantera, desert-crossing roughness of Queens of the Stone Age and through-the-black-hole-style groove of Mastodon, Amendfoil is exceptionally polished for an upcoming act knocking on the break-through doors.

Five-star reviews on the leading music magazines (e.g. Soundi, the #1 music magazine in Finland), editor’s choice for the best album of the year 2016 (Inferno Mag), a performance on a main stage of Tuska, the biggest metal Festival in Finland, as well as hundreds of other shows, have prepared the band for breaking out in their own territory.

Amendfoil is an example of extreme DIY attitude: Both of their albums – released via their own label – have been recorded and produced without any external hands. Lassi Mäki-Kala, the multi-talented front man of Amendfoil, is not only in charge of all artwork of the band, but has also designed and manufactured the guitar he mainly plays. All of this goes to show Amendfoil’s attention to detail, the dedication to perfect their vision and willingness to work as hard as it takes to reach the next level.

“Empyrean & Ophidian” contains undeniable riffs, hooks, twists, and turns that are just so goddamn tasty that they’re impossible to ignore the moment they entire your ear holes.” (Headbanger reviews)