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Beyond the countless record sales and global recognition, hip-hop’s biggest accomplishment is perhaps its ability to bring people together. Carrying on tradition is Eric Bobo and DJ Rhettmatic who recently formed the group Cypress Junkies (a.k.a. Bobo Meets Rhettmatic).

As a member of the multi-platinum recording group Cypress Hill, percussionist Eric Bobo has made his impact on the culture, producing and performing some of hip-hop’s biggest hits. Similarly DJ Rhettmatic has made an indelible mark on the game as well. As an integral cog to the World’s Famous Beat Junkie DJ crew, Rhettmatic has worked with the likes of Peanut Butter Wolf, Talib Kweli, Madlib, DJ Premier, and Dr. Dre’s newest protégé Bishop Lamont. Since collaborating on Bobo’s Meeting of the Minds Vol. 1, the two have gone on to tour the world with a unique stage show where the percussionist and the DJ duel in a battle of the beats fashion, while running through hip-hop hits past and present.
Eric Bobo, son of Latin Jazz legend Willie Bobo, made his first public appearance at the age of five, performing on stage with his father. When Eric was 15, his father passed away and he took over his Latin jazz band for a full year while still in high school. From there Bobo joined the Beastie Boys on their national “Check Your Head” tour and recorded with them for their Ill Communication and Hello Nasty albums. Then he joined Cypress Hill as their percussionist for their world tours, splitting time between both groups. As the Beastie Boys began taking major touring breaks, Bobo became an official full time member of Cypress Hill at the historic festival Woodstock ‘94 and has toured and recorded with the group ever since. Throughout his career, Bobo has been known for recording and performing with a large variety of leading artists including The Black Crowes, 311, Gnarls Barkley, Rage Against the Machine, Fort Minor and Ella Fitzgerald.

Rhettmatic began his DJ career in 1983, with Double Platinum, a DJ group based out of Cerritos, CA. As one of the original members of the Beat Junkie crew, he played a major role in introducing Southern California’s first turntable band to global audiences. Rhettmatic’s unique style encompasses the many elements of a multifaceted Hip Hop DJ. As an accomplished scratch musician, as well as an explosive party/club DJ, Rhettmatic demonstrates his versatility by using the turntable as his musical instrument. His talent and musical expertise also extends into the realm of producing beats that helped him earn recognition and rewards well deserved. Rhettmatic seized numerous triumphs both as a musical performer and as a creative genius. He claimed the titles of Disco Mixing Club (DMC) West Coast Champion (1996), International Turntablist Federation (ITF) Team USA Champion (1997); Rhettmatic’s innovations produce a boundless list of prized accomplishments.
Cypress Junkies aim to take their solo success to form an unprecedented union on the road and in the studio. Never before has such an accomplished percussionist and well-respected hip-hop DJ embarked on such a musical journey. And with a number of multi-faceted projects on the horizon for the duo, Eric Bobo and DJ Rhettmatic are out to prove that they are a movement by themselves but a definite force when together.

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