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Enthrone the Unborn

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Iiro Laitinen

tel: +358 (0)45 259 3030
e-mail: iiro(at)

Enthrone the Unborn were founded in Kerava, Finland, back in 2011 and started as a quartet featuring Eero Harsunen (vocals and guitars), Juhamatti Kauppinen (guitars and clean vocals), Joel Vakkila (bass) and Arttu Anttila (drum) in line-up. Band’s music has various influences from the Scandinavian melodic death metal scene and North American modern metal scene.

In March 2013 Enthrone the Unborn released their highly acclaimed debut full length album ”…And the Sky Is Ours” through 57Records. After the debut release the band played several domestic shows and one-off performance in Barcelona, Spain. Almost exactly two years after the debut album, Enthrone the Unborn released their 2nd full length album ”LXXVIII” (again) through 57Records and toured Finland together with Prayed And Betrayed. Few months later, band was put on a short hiatus.

During the summer 2015 Enthrone the Unborn had changes in their line-up and in September the renewed line-up was presented to the public: Make Kivistö (Pain Confessor) in vocals, Tommi Helkalahti (ex-Re-Armed) in guitars and Tomi Timonen (Artificial Heart) in drums; Eero Harsunen and Arttu Anttila stepped down due to personal reasons. With a refined and experienced line-up the band is ready to conquer the world with the finest Finnish melodic death metal – both on stage and in studio!

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