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Harri Karvinen

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Bands are often formed in a bar after a few drinks. They then perform their own versions of popular songs. Fork’s tale had a slightly different start. But Fork is in no way an ordinary band – neither as a rock group nor as an a cappella group. Fork’s basic idea is to do things the unconventional way; so the band does rock and pop songs a cappella.

When it comes to a cappella Fork has always had a few trump cards of their own up their sleeve. As band so elegantly puts it: Fork does to a cappella what Jimi Hendrix did to guitar music and what Viagra does to a man! This has been the case ever since the three actors and one police man were having a cup of tea in the kitchen of an apartment in Helsinki back in 1996 and decided to start a band. There was just one problem: it was impossible to form a rock band with the instruments the four could play – the piano, the violin, the recorder and the bass. But then it dawned on them; they all could sing!

Since then Fork has made their own a cappella arrangements of somewhere in the region of fifty rock and pop songs. The group has a broad range and have performed songs by Coldplay, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz and Lady Gaga. Fork holds nothing sacred and nothing is impossible for the band. They do not see themselves as an a cappella group but rather as a pop and rock band.

Fork’s originality does not stop at the choice of songs. Other a cappella groups could be characterised as choirs who give concerts, but Fork is rather a band consisting of four solo artists who do a show. And what a show – skilful, glamorous and humorous!
When you see Fork perform you have no choice but to fall in love with them. Mia Hafrén, Jonte Ramsten, Kasper Ramström and Anna Asunta enter the stage like international divas, shake their booties and sing to amazing pyrotechnics. For a brief moment the audience is totally astounded only to be swept away the next moment. At Fork’s gigs both the band and the audience have fun. This has been proven time and time again by the dedicated Fork fans.