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Iiro Laitinen

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Finnish, Helsinki-based Mørket blasts out an unique mix of black metal, crust, punk rock and even a bit of prog. All this is offered with a touch of dark and dirty filth.

The band was formed in 2014 and after the right line-up was found, everything rolled so smoothly that the guys decided to hit the studio only few months after the first rehearsals. The result was their debut album Musta luonto (Black Nature, in English), which was released first independently in the summer of 2015. The album sparked lots of attention which also lead to a deal with Suomen Musiikki –label. As a result the Suomen Musiikki released the debut album with two brand new songs widely in the spring of 2016 on CD and vinyl.

The album has gotten praising reviews, not only in Finland but all around the globe and Mørket constantly have been mentioned as being one of the most promising new metal bands around.

They’ve also been hailed as one of the most energetic live bands today, with tons of energy and action on stage.

Tidbits from Musta Luonto –reviews:

”…Launching from scorched crust (the title track) and comfortably settling into frenzied metal with punk roots (“Syli”), Mørket’s music comes from the same bloodline as YAITW and Trap Them. But like those bands, they prove that incorporating solemn melodies – and even the prog intentions of Anciients – won’t make their roar less feral.” –About Entertainment

The band was formed only a year ago and now they are out with their debut album. These guys are definitely hungry and on a prowl.

Mørket are definitely worth checking out. Sometimes when you feel that your day to day life is boring and dull, it is good to remember the lyrical theme this band is offering: there are folks who are doing way worse than you”. –Imperiumi (transcripted)

”… Mørket are interesting new band in a Finnish black metal –scene, scene which usually includes bands who are following the same traditions tightly. In Musta luonto album, there are several different styles mixed in a cool, energetic and ambitious way. There are familiar sounding elements, but then on the other hand one can hear lots of unique and new ideas. This album is a memorable experience” –Murska-arviot (transcripted)

”…the moods can change even in a middle of song from merry, Stam1na-like rallying to heavy-duty black metal depression and Kvelertak-type rocking. But even on happy-sounding parts lead singers filthy voice keeps the whole thing together, thought out and focused. There is also a touch of prog, which reminds of Mastodon, but this band doesn’t get lost in progressive metal –maze, since the songs always keep the right direction” –Metalliluola (transcripted)