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Planet Case


Carolin Büttner

tel: +358 (0)50 3257879 
e-mail: carolin(at)

Massive & Unapologetic

Planet Case is a fresh new band from Finland. The band has released two singles so far. The first single, “Perfect Sound”, had good radioplay, including major Finnish public radio channel YleX. YleX host Anne Lainto described Perfect Sound as an ambitious first single with a “massive and unapologetic feel”.

Rock’n Roll Never Dies

Planet Case was formed in 2015 by five 20-year-old men. Planet Case is a project with ambitions beyond Finland. The band wants to find a large audience from Europe and introduce people to something new, fresh and interesting. The band follows the latest worldwide trends and wants to make music in a modern way.

Universal Rock

Planet Case describes their music as Universal Rock:

“Universal Rock is universal music with addictive melodies. Atmospheres as big as the universum are combined with sensitive details. What unites the big and the small? The answer is Universal Rock.”

Planet Case combines massive EDM sounds and Arena Rock with modern radio music. This creates a massive and authentic sound. Planet Case wants to progress and inspire people by bringing to life something new and original.